CBD Dosage

CBD Dosage – How Much CBD to Take?

Selecting a strength of CBD oil and finding the right dose for your needs doesn’t need to be stressful. CBD is a very safe supplement and has been found to have no side effects in doses that far exceed the average requirement.

Start out slow

A common mistake is people buying the strongest oil they can find, taking a full dropper and expecting miracles. CBD often doesn’t work like that – most people find that starting with smaller, regular doses (two or three times a day) and building up to the perfect dose is the best approach.

Whichever oil you have selected, we recommend starting on 10-30mg per day, depending on your body weight (the less you weigh, the less you need).  If you have bought our 1000mg oil and you want to start with 20mg a day, using the chart below you can see that each drop has approximately 5mg. So you could try taking a couple of drops in the morning, a couple in the evening, and see how it goes. If you want to increase your dose the next day, it is safe to do so, but we recommend to do it gradually over the course of a week and hopefully you will find a dosage that provides you with the relief you need.

What is a drop?

A drop is literally one drop from the end of the pipette. Give it a little squeeze, placing the drop under your tongue, and hey presto.  For a full pipette, fill the oil up to the plastic bottle cap.

Whats the maximum CBD dosage I can take?

The Food Standards Agency currently recommend a daily limit of 70mg a day.

I can’t feel anything?

CBD can produce quite subtle effects at low doses and many people report they have to build it up in their system before beginning to benefit. Stick with it, increase your dose when you feel comfortable and perhaps do more research about dosages in online forums and groups.

If in doubt, speak to your doctor or other healthcare professional.

Our full-spectrum CBD oils

We offer a wide array of fully tested, third party certified CBD oils. Our CBD extracts are true full-spectrum and contain a great range of cannabinoids, terpenes and other healthy plant compounds. We’re fully accredited by the Cannabis Trades Association to ensure the quality and compliance of our products.

Best selling products

Full-spectrum CBD Oil 500mg

5% CBD Oil - 500mg

Our lowest strength oil, for anyone who’s after an everyday wellbeing supplement. Perfect if you’re just getting started.

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Full-spectrum CBD Oil 1000mg

10% CBD Oil - 1000mg

The ultimate all-rounder. Our 10% oil is great for newcomers to CBD and more experienced CBD users alike.

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Full-spectrum CBD Oil 2000mg

20% CBD Oil - 2000mg

This is our strongest oil, and we’d recommend it to more experienced CBD users, or anyone with high dosage needs.

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CBD Muscle Balm

CBD Muscle & Joint Balm

Our CBD Muscle & Joint Balm is perfect for targeting areas that need soothing and attention.

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