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Calm the body, still the mind

Mindfulness is all about developing a deeper awareness of body and mind. The goal is to be truly present, observe any unwelcome thoughts, feelings or sensations you experience, and then let them naturally subside.

It helps ease anxiety, depression, insomnia, chronic pain, high blood pressure and many other conditions. But even if you don’t experience these things, it can be a great way to focus, relax and generally improve your wellbeing.

If you want to learn more and mindfulness, take a look at our blog. We’re always updating it with new information and inspiration.

Guided Meditations

One of the easiest ways to practise mindfulness is through meditation, although you can also introduce it into lots of other activities, including simple breathing exercises.

We’ve created some bespoke guided meditations, designed to calm busy minds and relieve tension in the body. All you need to do is get comfortable (sitting up or lying down is fine) and follow the instructions from Shona, your guide. They’re easy to do – whatever your experience level – and don’t take long.

Don’t worry if you struggle to concentrate at first, if you get lost in a thought or distracted by the outside world, just notice it and take your focus back to the guide or to your breath. When you’ve finished, take a moment to notice any changes – most people will feel relaxed, calm and alert even after a short meditation. With practice you’ll soon find you’re able to be mindful in most of your day to day experiences.

We like to take our Mindful Extracts CBD oil between thirty minutes and an hour before meditating to really enhance the relaxing and therapeutic effects. See our article A Beginners guide to Meditation for more tips. Enjoy!

10 Minute Mindfulness Meditation

This ten minute mindfulness meditation is perfect for beginners and more experienced meditators alike and promotes a sense of deep relaxation. Great for setting you up for the day and de-stressing busy minds!

15 Minute WOSI practice

‘WOSI’ stands for Weight, Outline, Skin and Inside. This meditation features some very light movement to settle down, before guiding your awareness throughout the body to ease tension. A particularly powerful meditation for chronic pain and trauma sufferers.

20 Minute Yoga Nidra

Don’t worry, there’s no movement involved – simply get comfortable lying down and follow Shona as she takes your awareness on a relaxing journey throughout the body. This is a great general practice for calming the mind and the unwinding physical tension.

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