Lemon and Bergamot CBD Bath Bomb

We have it on good authority that nothing goes together better than CBD and a long soak in a warm bath. Which is exactly why we’ve created a unique range of bath bombs to help you recharge and rejuvenate.

Our Bergamot and Lemon CBD Bath Bomb is a little ball of good vibes. Lemon oil helps reduce stress and relieve fatigue. Complemented by bergamot, which is known for its mood-boosting effects. Not to mention 100mg of our full-spectrum CBD. So if you’ve been feeling a bit anxious lately, we can’t recommend this enough.

This is one of our very favourite ways to enjoy the benefits of CBD. All you need to do is run your bath, drop it in and relax.

– Sodium bicarbonate
– Citric acid
– Cornflour
– Cold-pressed avocado oil
– Organic, unrefined shea butter
– 100mg full-spectrum CBD
– Dried Marigold petals
– 100% pure cold-pressed bergamot sicilian essential oil
– 100% pure cold-pressed lemon essential oil
– Polysorbate-80 (<1%)
– Witch hazel (<1%)
– Vegetable glycerine (<1%)
– Water-soluble dye [yellow] (<1%)

Size: 170g



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All natural ingredients

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Certified lab tested

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Ethical & sustainable

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Vegan friendly

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We plant a tree for you

Buy our CBD, and we’ll plant you a tree!

Without the power of nature, Mindful Extracts wouldn’t exist today. Which is exactly why we’re committed to giving back to it. For every purchase you make, we’ll plant a tree in an Indonesian rainforest. Each one will help restore a biodiversity hotspot that’s experienced serious degradation as a result of palm oil plantation, peat fires and logging. So you know that when you choose Mindful Extracts, you’re also choosing to support vital global reforestation.

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