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Recipe: Sleepy-Time CBD Latte

CBD Latte
CBD Latte

Recipe: Sleepy-Time CBD Latte

Do you struggle falling or staying asleep? This Sleepy-Time CBD Latte is the perfect recipe for those looking for a sound night’s sleep.

This sleepy elixir also has comforting effects and an amazing taste. It’s a perfect drink to warm up with after a long day’s work; turn off your electronics, draw the curtains and cosy up on the sofa for an evening of mindfulness and CBD.

What is Ashwaganda?

Ashwagandha, also known as Indian Ginseng, is an adaptogenic herb popular in Ayurvedic medicine. For very good reason, Ashwagandha is reaching high levels of popularity at the moment, and we have heard on the grapevine that Mindful Extracts may be extending their range soon!

CBD Latte Recipe

CBD Latte
CBD Latte

1 ½ cups Hot Water

4 Chamomile tea bags or loose leaf equivalent

2 Dandelion tea bags or loose leaf

½  tsp Dried Lavender 

4 Drops of Mindful Extracts Full-Spectrum CBD Oil

2 tsp Maple Syrup

½ tsp Nutmeg Powder

1 tsp Cinnamon  Powder

¼ tsp Ashwaganda Powder

1/2 cup Barista Oat Milk



Part 1

Infuse the Dandelion and Camomile tea and Lavender in the hot water for 8-10 minutes.

Part 2

Warm up the Oat milk, then add the powdered spices, CBD, Ashwaganda and Maple syrup.

Part 3

Stir well, using a whisk to blend, adjusting for sweetness if necessary

Pour into a cup and take an hour before bed

Part 4



It has been an absolute pleasure to work with our friends at Trewhitts. Co-owned and run by Peter ‘Chippy’ Grant, a professional caterer and chef with over 9 years of experience and a deep passion for cooking food from all over the world. Chippy has qualified in Nutrition through the CNM college of London, at the best known Naturopathic college in Europe, and he sees food as medicine and a way to prevent illness and strengthen the immune system. This resonates strongly with our own view on food, using cooking and ingredients as a means to maintain well-being and our physical and mental health.

Chippy runs banquets, catering, food stalls and other culinary delights at a number of international festivals, including in Berlin, Bulgaria and Panama, always using local ingredients and techniques.

Trewhitts are completely focused on zero-waste and sustainability, ensuring all of the ingredients have as lower impact on the environment as possible. They have made solely vegan dishes since their inception a decade ago.

Trewhitts have helped feed leaders in the environmentally aware field, including; The Californian Almond Society, Planet Organic, The Green Party and even being mentioned by Vice for ‘feeding the masses’ at the Extinction Rebellion protest in London in 2019.

It has been a privilege to work with Trewhitts, and we are so thankful for the amazing recipes they have come up with. Keep an eye on their socials to see what plans they have coming up, and of course for lots more amazing recipes, promoting seasonal and organic ingredients as well as being packed full of nutritional benefits.

Trewhitts socials:


Nick de Haan
Nick de Haan

Co-founder and wellbeing enthusiast

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