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Why is CBD Oil used under the tongue?

CBD can come in a number of forms – from oils, capsules, vaping and smoking products, to skin products such as balms and patches. A number of studies show that by far the most popular way of consuming CBD is to place oil drops under the tongue.   So why is this the preferred method for the majority of people and how does it work?

The simple answer is to maximise the speed that the CBD enters our system and the potency of the effect.  This is called bioavailability.

Under our tongues are a network of capillaries (tiny blood vessels) beneath a thin mucous membrane.  When certain substances make contact with the membrane they begin to be diffused into the blood stream almost instantly.  This method, called sublingual absorption, is such an effective method of delivery to the bloodstream that it is used when rapid onset of action is required, such as emergency medications for heart attacks.

As well as being faster, the body is three to ten times more effective at absorbing substances under tongue than by swallowing it, so you don’t need to take as much for the same effect.  This is because it bypasses the digestive system – the intestinal tract and liver, and gets delivered almost immediately to the blood stream with very little decrease in effect.

Another advantage is there’s nothing to swallow – great for people who aren’t able to or dislike swallowing tablets.

How to maximise your Mindful Extracts CBD


  • The longer you can hold the CBD oil under your tongue the better, since more will be absorbed into the bloodstream.  We recommend 1-2 minutes but if you can hold it longer, great.
  • Eating, drinking and smoking can affect how well CBD is absorbed.  Try to leave five minutes after consuming your drops to ensure it has the best chance of breaking down and entering your system.
  • Take a minute to note how you feel before you take your CBD.  Then review it in an hour or two – how do you feel now?
  • Combine it with some mindful activity like meditation or yoga.  This will help you relax and be more in tune with the changes in your body and mind.  Allow 20-30 minutes for the CBD to enter your system and begin to take affect.


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Our full-spectrum CBD oils

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