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NHS Discounts for CBD - 25% off

As a thank you to all of our NHS and emergency services customers, we now offer 25% off our entire range of CBD products and supplements.

To claim your unique discount code, all you need to do is pop us a quick email at from your NHS email account or send proof of employment (ID card, wage slip etc).

The discount applies sitewide, including our full-spectrum CBD Oils, CBD Bodycare, CBD Bath Bombs and other supplements.

Other Emergency Services and Blue Light Card Holders

We welcome applications from other emergency services including police and fire brigade.  Please send proof of employment to

Unfortunately we are not members of the Blue Light Card scheme, but simply drop us an email with your employment details to register for your discount.

About Mindful Extracts' CBD

Our CBD is a true full-spectrum extract from the hemp plant.  This means we retain as much of the goodness as possible when processing the plant, simply because CBD isn’t the only healthy compound – in fact there are over 100 cannabinoids and many varieties of terpenes and flavonoids.

All of these plant compounds work together to produce what we call the ‘entourage effect’.  In short, this means that all of the chemicals amplify their effect when taken together – they all work in harmony to produce a more potent effect on the body.  There are many benefits to this, but mainly it means that you get all the goodness of the hemp plant (as mother nature intended!) but also most people will need to take much less of our oil to have a positive effect on their wellbeing when compared to other types of CBD oil.

Many other companies sell broad-spectrum or even isolated CBD oils – these have been processed to remove other elements of the plant which are in fact beneficial.  Usually you will need to take more of these types of oil to get the same effect as Mindful Extract’s full-spectrum, so our oil works out more economical in the long run too!

All of our CBD Oils are third party laboratory tested to ensure the dosages are accurate and there are no nasty contaminants like heavy metals and fungicides.  Unlike other companies, we include the laboratory results for your oil in the box, so you know exactly what you are taking.  We also publish our independent lab results on our website so you can see the potency of each new batch.

In short, we’re all about giving our customers the best and most potent CBD to help their wellbeing.

Why we love the NHS

Need we say! Apart from the fact that so many in the NHS have put their lives on the line and worked through incredibly challenging conditions in the last year throughout the COVID pandemic, the NHS is also close to our hearts. 

In 2015 our founder, Donal, had a catastrophic motorcycle accident leaving him with broken bones from head to toe including four vertebrae.  The NHS did a marvelous job at patching him up and made his four month stay in hospital as comfortable as could be – and Donal will always be indebted to the hard workers who saved his life and put up with his rubbish jokes.

It was this accident and Donal’s long road to recovery which sparked his interest in natural means of managing pain, anxiety and other symptoms, and ultimately inspired him to start Mindful Extracts with his long term friend Nick.  You can read more of our founders’ story here.

What is CBD?

CBD (short for Cannabidiol) is one of hundreds of cannabinoid compounds found in the cannabis plant.  It was first isolated from the hemp plant in 1942 and has been studied ever since by scientists around the globe, although the plant itself has been cultivated and consumed by humans for many thousands of years.

CBD is not psychoactive – you wont feel any ‘high’ from it, and it is very much different from its cousin from the same plant, THC.

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