Our journey began in 2015, with a life-threatening motorcycle accident.

As our founder, Donal Bourke, faced a long road to recovery, his friend encouraged him to try CBD and – initially – Donal was dubious. But with limited places to turn, he gave it a go. Within a few days, he began to notice subtle changes. It wasn’t long before Donal had fully incorporated CBD into his daily routine. Around the same time, Donal’s physiotherapist introduced him to mindfulness meditation. And finally, he was able to slow his troubled thoughts and be totally present in the moment.

After two years, Donal was full of gratitude. He decided it was time to give something back. Mindful Extracts was born because although the market was packed with CBD brands, none of them seemed to have a genuine, holistic focus on wellbeing. That’s why alongside all of our CBD products, you’ll find guided meditations, articles and exclusive insights from mindfulness experts. All designed to guide you on your path to wellness, and curated by someone who’s already been on the journey.

Golden delicious 

Donal also knew that to create truly effective CBD products, he needed to produce a full-spectrum oil that harnessed all the goodness from the hemp plant. Unfortunately, full-spectrum oils can often be very effective, but taste bad! So after teaming up with childhood friend Nick de Haan, they spent over twelve months of testing different hemp from around the world to find an oil with the best range of cannabinoids and terpenes. And then a further six months of formulating a unique golden oil blend which tasted great, and still retained all the natural goodness. That’s the delicious oil we sell today. 

Good for you, good for the environment

All of this hard work culminated in the Mindful Extracts brand. It’s been formed not only by our experiences, but our values too. It should go without saying (but we’ll say it anyway) that we’re a totally ethical company. From all-vegan products and, of course, absolutely no animal testing, to 100% recycleable packaging. And let’s not forget that we use strictly carbon-zero couriers, offset our other emissions and only work with hemp farmers who align with our values too. Plus, for every purchase made, we plant a tree in Indonesia. Because what’s the use in helping people if you’re not helping the planet? 

Mindfulness & CBD

Calm the body, still the mind

Mindfulness is all about developing a deeper awareness of body and mind. The goal is to be truly present, observe any unwelcome thoughts, feelings or sensations you experience, and then let them naturally subside…

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