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Our Lion’s Mane survey says…

What are our customers' experiences after taking our organic Lion's Mane capsules? We recently carried out a survey to find out!
Lion's Mane Customer Survey
Lion's Mane Customer Survey

Our Lion’s Mane survey says…

What are our customers' experiences after taking our organic Lion's Mane capsules? We recently carried out a survey to find out!

I always practise what I preach, so I take our Lion’s Mane capsules daily as a functional mushroom supplement. It certainly makes me less anxious and feels like my mind is firing on all cylinders. But that’s a subjective experience: not everyone will share the same benefits.

However, the 5* reviews we receive for our Lion’s Mane indicate that others also acknowledged similar benefits to varying degrees. Research is also emerging that Lion’s Mane may boost nerve growth and enhance memory.

To better understand what others think, we recently surveyed 65 customers who take our organic Lion’s Mane. The results are very interesting. In summary, the key outcomes of the survey are:

  • The majority stated that they are taking Lion’s Mane for their focus and memory (63%)
  • Most people commented that they felt the benefits after 5-days of first taking Lion’s Mane (57%)
  • 92.3% of people experienced no side effects.
  • Almost 88% said they would continue to take Lion’s Mane,
  • When asked if they would recommend our Lion’s Mane capsule to others, the average likelihood was 8 (out of 10)

Below are the results of our survey in more detail.

Lion’s Mane Survey

To create this survey, each customer was asked the same set of questions. Some questions had restricted answers so we could better categorise and analyse the results, while other questions were open, so respondents could be more descriptive in their answers.

Why do you take Lion’s Mane? We asked what is the primary well-being concern that led them to try Lion’s Mane.

  • 63% said it was their focus & memory
  • 11% said it was for ADHD
  • 6% said it was for Dementia, Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s
  • 6% said it was their mood
  • 5% said it was their anxiety

How effective has Lion’s Mane been for you? On a scale of 1 to 10, we asked respondents to rate how effective Lion’s Mane has been on their primary well-being concern. (1 = not very effective, 10 = very effective). Below is the average effectiveness rating for each of the stated primary well-being concerns

  • Focus & memory = 7.1
  • ADHD = 7
  • Dementia, Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s = 6
  • Mood = 6.5
  • Anxiety = 6

How quickly did your primary well-being concern improve after first taking Lion’s Mane?

  • More than 5 days = 57%
  • 2 to 4 days = 19%
  • 1 to 3 hours = 9%
  • 4 to 12 hours = 2%
  • 1 day = 3%

Did you experience any side effects from taking Lion’s Mane?

  • 92.3% experienced no side effects
  • 4.6% were unsure
  • 3.1% had experienced side effects (2 respondents, one cited headaches, and the other stated a possible issue with blood thinning medication they are taking).

Will you continue to take Lion’s Mane?

  • 87.7% = yes
  • 9.2% = maybe
  • 3.1% = no

Why did you choose our Lion’s Mane rather than a similar product? We asked our customers to select all the applicable answers they thought was a factor in their decision.

  • 53% said it was because of our product quality
  • 42% said it was because they saw a positive product review
  • 31% said it was our stance on sustainability
  • 17% said we were recommended by someone they know
  • 17% said our Lion’s Mane capsule were value for money

How likely are you to recommend Lion’s Mane to a friend or family member? We asked respondents to rate on a scale of 1 to 10 how likely it is that they would recommend Lion’s Mane to others. (1 = not likely at all , 10 = extremely likely).

  • The average recommendation rating = 8

Explain how taking Lion’s Mane has affected your primary well-being concern? We asked each respondent to describe how they believe Lion’s Mane has helped them. The collective responses are summarised below.

  • Increased focus and concentration: Many customers reported experiencing a boost in their ability to focus on tasks at hand, whether it’s work, college, or general activities. Some customers also felt their tendency to procrastinate had lessened.
  • Improved recall and memory: Several respondents noticed an enhancement in their memory and recall abilities.
  • Positive impact on mood: Many of the users noted a general improvement in their mood, feeling more balanced, less erratic, and generally more positive.
  • Reduced brain fog: A significant number of customers found that they experienced less brain fog, which helped them in cognitive work and made them feel sharper.
  • Reduced anxiety: Some customers felt less anxious and in greater control of their emotions and reactions.

Disclaimer: We do our best to research and fact-check all the content presented in this article. However, it is provided only for information and guidance; it is not intended as a substitute for professional medical advice. Therefore, you should always contact your GP or other healthcare professionals if you have concerns about any medical condition.


Donal Bourke
Donal Bourke

Founder, Mindful Extracts

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